LED Flashlight (120 Lumens)

Shock-absorbing, energy-saving, water-resistant LED flashlight. Adjustable to 4 light modes. Made of aerospace-grade aluminum with a military-grade anodized coating. Assembled in Arizona. Ships free. (more info)

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This handheld LED torch will come in handy whether the activity is benign, mundane, or exhilarating. From walking a woodland path at night or changing a flat in the dark, to a power outage or self defense situation, this little light will shine with reliable resilience. 

A true EDC, or ‘everyday carry,’ this flashlight will fit in your pocket comfortably, be useful in countless situations, and is made to withstand mean treatment. Coming in at 3.75 inches and 3.5 ounces, this energy saving torch is easy to carry, easy to use, and difficult to harm.

This is highest tier of LED technology.

And it's not just a flashlight. What we have here is a truck-load’s worth of science neatly packed into a feat of engineering by way of military and aerospace-grade materials. No minute detail has been ignored and no energy wasted. Simple one-click operation takes the light between settings of medium, blinding and dim.

The energy capacity of the battery will be properly respected and culled forth with nothing short of the highest efficiency, thanks to LED solid state technology and countless, detailed features within a frame of aerospace-grade aluminum and military-grade anodized coating.

Use & Care

It can be used with either regular lithium batteries or rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Battery run times vary depending on use. That said, this flashlight is designed to take a battery for every ounce of energy it’s worth by combining state-of-the-art electronics with the best materials.

Access the four light modes with a single click button. Medium will do for most uses and will provide the user with exceptionally long run times. Next is the bright setting, a tactical level of brightness that you would not wish on friends. It then switches to medium bright for darker situations. Dim is there for preserving eyesight when on a dark path, and extending the battery life even further.

On high—which is better described as blinding—the light will run for a guaranteed two hours before dropping to below 60 lumens, which is still plenty of light. It even has a feature that protects rechargeable batteries from over discharge. These flashlights have an internal power architecture that ensures constant and efficient light output, regardless of changes in temperature, voltage fluctuations, or voltage requirements.

Don’t know the meaning of “reverse battery polarity protection without diode power penalty?” Don’t worry. Someone has geeked-out on lumens and electronics so you don’t have to. (It means there’s internal protection against battery damage for a wrongly placed battery.) This is an instrument designed, engineered and manufactured by portable light experts.

Crenelations, or indents on the stainless steel bezel, or tip of the flashlight, allows light to escape even when the torch is placed bulb-down, allowing for hands-free use. As something you’ll be using in dark places, the crenellations on the front of a handheld object such as this also have the advantage of allowing the torch to double as a strong and unassuming handheld self defense weapon.

It comes with an attachable pocket clip for easy carrying and access. CR123 battery included. When the battery gets low the light gracefully double-blinks every two minutes to give you ample warning that you need to change it. It’s water resistant up to 66 feet (though not recommended as a dive light). The light can be customized to your specific needs, including setting an automatic shut-off and setting an S-O-S pattern.

Production & Design

These guys have been in the light business since 1983.

Each aspect of the flashlight’s electronics and anatomy have been given due diligence when it comes to combining the highest quality materials with serious engineering and expert science.

Not to mention torture.

The folks who make this flashlight have devoted significant amounts of time to dropping it (from heights of 20 feet) and throwing it at concrete and rock surfaces (for an hour) to see if they could break it. It may come out with a few nicks on the body, but the light shines ever on. Make no mistake, this is one of the most technologically advanced torches on the market.

Further Reading

FAQ about the flashlight

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– High-tier LED light up to 120 lumens
– 4 light modes: bright, medium bright, medium and dim
– Customizable settings (S-O-S, automatic shut-off, etc.)
– Anti-reflective glass
– Shock absorption protection
– Energy saving / long battery life
– Crenelated bezel (for hands-free use)
– Water resistant up to 66 feet
– Pocket clip
– Low battery warning system

3.75 inches (95.2 mm)

3.5 ounces (99.2 g)

Aerospace-grade aluminum body
Military-grade anodized coating

Lithium batteries or rechargeable lithium ion batteries

Assembled in
Arizona, United States 
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