Handmade Copper Flask

Pure solid copper flask that's hot-tinned on the inside. American birch wood and cork stopper for an airtight seal. Handmade in Tennessee. Holds 9 ounces. Sold individually or with copper funnel. Also available: Copper Cup. (more info)

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From the shot-swallowing barfly to the 21 year old who just "discovered" it, even Daniel Boone enjoyed his whiskey. And he, like the most erudite whiskey drinker, would insist the distinctive taste and aroma of charred, barrel-aged American whiskey deserves to be sipped from a distinguished vessel. 

Made of 100% pure solid copper, this flask is an accurate example of the handiwork and craftsmanship of the first American settlers, with hot-tinning on the inside so it's safe to drink from. 

A two hundred year old company, started in 1819, makes the flask by hand, with the goal of using America's most authentic materials—tin, stainless steel and copper—to recreate our nation's earliest wares. 

Just as this flask stands out for its authentic replication of early craftsmanship, including its accurate wooden stopper and air tight cork seal, the flask is suited best to a liquor drink you intend to sip slow and savor. 

Use & Care

Copper is resistant to corrosion as long as it is not exposed to acids—this is why the inside is hot-tinned, so your alcohol will do fine. 

If left untreated, the exterior copper finish will naturally oxidize and age beautifully. You can polish it up to restore its shiny finish using copper polish, or let it earn a beautiful patina.

If you want to clean the inside of your copper flask, just rinse thoroughly with warm water and mild soap, then dry it thoroughly. To clean tarnish, use a soft cloth and apply a small amount of cleaning solution to the tarnished areas. Read more about how to do this here.

To note: High heat is an enemy of copper and should be avoided.

Because each flask is individually hand made, some imperfections may occur and are a natural part of the process.

Production & Design

With a long history, the company would never shy away from the additional labor costs it takes to maintain the quality and authenticity of a hundred years ago. For their flask, every step is still done by hand, using the same methods of the original product, with the hot-tinned interior added to meet FDA standards. Though it would have been a less laborious choice to just use stainless steel on the inside, it would no longer be like the original copper flasks. Too much compromise.

The way it is now, up to five American workers are involved in the creation of the copper flask at Jacob Bromwell, and every step, from the shearing of copper sheets to the forming of the body and the soldering of the metal pieces, is done by hand. "It's a dying art," Sean Bandawat, the president of the company told me. "To keep the product authentic." But it's a passion the company is unwilling to give up.

The process begins with copper sheets, which are sheared to size, then blanked, or cut, by hand into individual parts. For the flask there are four parts: the body, the bottom, the top and the neck. Before the pieces are formed, they are hot tinned on the inside, a process that coats the copper with a layer of tin and makes it resistant to corrosion, as well as food and water safe. Without the hot-tinning, the FDA does not approve of the use of copper for eating and drinking. Copper ions by themselves are water soluble.

After the hot-tinning process, which is a difficult process of sealing a layer of tin to the inside of the copper, the 4 parts are formed using a mallot that bangs the copper piece against a steel tool (pictured above) until it meets its proper shape. The pieces are then soldered - not welded - for authenticity (there was no welding back in the 1800s). But also because, in the Bromwell president's opinion, soldering makes the final product look better and more handmade.

The last part of the flask—the stopper—is made from American birch wood, which is the same material used in early flasks. The wood stopper is not leak proof, unfortunately, so for those folks who intend to carry the flask around with them in a bag or a pocket, Bromwell includes an airtight cork stopper, too. 

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Body: 4 inches high x 3 inches wide
Spout: 1.5 inches high

Pure solid copper flask
American birch wood stopper
Comes with an airtight cork stopper as well 

Made in
Handmade in the U.S.A.

Some imperfections are a natural part of the handmade process. Because they are handmade, every flask will be unique with its own surface.

Copper ions are water soluble. The hot-tinned interior of this flask makes it suitable for alcohol or any liquid.
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