Handmade Carved Oak Rope Swing

A handcrafted swing made in upstate NY from reclaimed oak. Crafted by Dzierlenga F+U exclusively for KM. Allow ten days for delivery. Personalized with initials, name, or secret message. Ships free. (more info)

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Take your feet off terra firma and swing from a tree branch – you owe it to summer. This swing is made from reclaimed oak dunnage (the wood used to line ship holds to protect precious cargo). The graceful curve of the swing was inspired by lakeside lifeguarding, wooden life preservers, and the buoyant arc of a boat.

“There's something about smooth round wooden objects that I find very satisfying. The curves almost seem to be informed by the grain of the wood. It all probably comes from a place of childhood nostalgia,” says Casey Dzierlenga, the swing’s creator.

Casey hails from North Carolina, but now lives and works in upstate New York. All swings are made to order. Please allow ten days for delivery.

Use & Care

Like most people, this swing will get silvery-gray over time, it's the nature of a swing exposed to nature. But, if you want to extend the life of the wood, it doesn't hurt to throw on a coat of tung oil. You should also take the swing inside over the winter. Generally speaking though, a change in color or minor cracks from being outside won't affect the structural integrity of the swing.

As for hanging it, well, this part's up to you. We can give you tips (in the next paragraph), but let us be blunt about this: We're not liable for how and where you choose to hang the swing, nor if the swing is being used in a careless manner. By purchasing this swing, you're agreeing that you are responsible for how the swing is hung, inspected, and any other risks associated with its use. (See official disclaimer in the specs!)

So now, onto the advice...

Look for a tree branch that’s sturdy and living. Make sure it's high enough off the ground. Once you've selected a branch, tie the rope to it (a rolling hitch knot is supposed to be the best). Tie the swing to the rope at the desired height, and repeat on the other side. (Rope not included.)

Production & Design

The wood starts out thick as a small barn beam. It's run through a joiner to get the right angle and a smooth surface, and then it's resawn on a bandsaw. It's cut to the right measurements, and glued to another piece. Next, holes are drilled for the rope, and then it's carved using an electric plane. It's shaped with a file, then sanded and treated with tung oil. Rope is threaded through the holes, tied in a hangman's knot, and whipped at the ends for added security.

Any Questions?

Please email  We reply to every email promptly. Or call us at 347 529 5122.

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7.9” (20 cm) x 22.4” (57 cm) x 1.6” (4 cm)

oak & rope

Made in
Upstate New York Made to order. Please allow ten days for delivery. Extended rope for hanging not included. Please read the following DISCLAIMER (sorry, but we’ve got to say it!): Due to the nature of the equipment and the fact that we have no control over the use, positioning, or erecting of this swing, Dzierlenga F+U accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or accident caused by this product whether directly or indirectly. It is the responsibility of the individual buying, installing, and using this swing to take the necessary precautions of checking the condition of the swing, rope, and knot, and of ensuring that the supporting branch is capable of supporting the load imposed. Swing at your own risk! By purchasing, hanging, and using this swing, you fully accept these terms and conditions, and are accepting full and unconditional responsibility for any consequences. If you do not accept full and unconditional responsibility for this swing, please return it to Kaufmann Mercantile/Dzierlenga F+U, and you will be refunded in full. Thanks, and happy swingin'!! ~ Your Friends at Dzierlenga F+U  
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