Crystal Champagne & Wine Ice Bucket

Handmade crystal bucket for your bubbly or wine. Curved lips on either side allow you to easily pour off excess melted ice to keep your bottle at the ideal temperature. Pairs with our set of Crystal Champagne Flutes. Made in England since 1967. (more info)

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Crystal Champagne & Wine Ice Bucket - Kaufmann Mercantile

This handmade English crystal bucket keeps your bottle chilled for the entire meal, whether you're drinking champgane, sparkling wine or a spirit best served cold, such as vodka. 

To optimize the taste and promote the delicate balance of bubbles, champagne should be kept at 43-49 °F (6-9 °C). The temperature will hold longer if the bottle is placed in an ice bucket and chilled gradually. 

The two curved lips on either side of the bucket serve to cradle the bottle neck, pour off excess water and cradle the bottle neck. 

Use & Care

Fill a third of the bucket with cold water and add ice, leaving about three inches of space at the top. Place bottle within the water and ice mixture. It should be chilled within 25-45 minutes, depending on the starting temperature of the bottle - ensuring your last glass of bubbly or wine will be as perfectly crisp as the first.

Replace melted ice with fresh ice cubes if desired. Add a few tablespoons of salt to the ice and water mixture to further enhance the chilling properties. The addition of salt interrupts the equilibrium of melting water and establishes a lower freezing point.

Hand wash only.

Production & Design

The story behind this crystal bucket is a classic American girl meets British boy meets Swedish glass blower. In the 1920s, wealthy American heiress Dorothy and her Yorkshire husband Leonard Elmhurst founded the Dartington Hall Trust in Devon to revitalize rural areas through business, education, the arts and country crafts.

They soon became involved in artisanal activities such as cheese making, carpentry, farming and forestry. However, the Trust wanted to start a moneymaking endeavor to sustain itself, so in the 1960s the Elmhursts recruited Eskil Vilhemson and his team of Scandinavian glass blowers to Devon. The factory was officially opened in June 1967 and, over the following years, glass blowing skills were taught to the local English craftsmen.

Today, the glassware is made by a team of up to 12 artisans led by a master glassblower who has perfected his skills for more than a decade. The raw materials of crystal (sand, lead oxide and other compounds) are melted in a clay pot within a special furnace set at 1400 °C (2,552 °F). The blower gathers molten glass (a gob) from the furnace on the end of a blowing pipe. The gob is then rolled smooth in a scoop before being blown, which starts to form the required shape. To achieve the final shape, the molten glass is placed inside a graphite mold.

Additional forming processes and techniques are used, depending on the specifications and shape of the item being made. Once the piece has been fashioned and shaped, it is placed in a temperature-controlled tunnel called a lehr, which gradually cools the glass to room temperature so that no cracks occur. After three to 10 hours in the lehr, each piece is given a final inspection before being shipped out.


8 ½ inches diameter x 8 ½ inches high


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