Juniper Ridge Organic Soap

All-natural and scented with pine needles and foliage gathered from the Western wilds. In five varieties: Sierra Summer Pine, San Jacinto, Steep Ravine and Siskiyou Cedar. Made in Berkeley, CA. (more info)

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These four bars of all-natural soaps are scented with real pine needles, leaves and other deeply aromatic foliage gathered from the wild. The soaps are made by Northern Californians from their own great outdoors — pruning each branch carefully and methodically to preserve the very nature they're trying to capture.

Since Juniper Ridge starts with real foliage, each bar smells like the mountains are crammed into them — they are quite literally bringing a bit of the outdoors into the shower with you and it almost goes without saying that these little snippets of the great outdoors are organic. 

The soaps seem to work their subtle aromas into your body, the palm and coconut oil hydrating the skin in a deep, satisfying way. Even before getting wet, the soaps feel gentle in your hand; once in the shower, the bubbles in the texture release a terrific lather, way more than one would expect from an all-natural soap.

Sierra Summer Pine is made with needles, pine sap cedar and powderized Sierran granite, with shea butter and coconut and palm oils thrown in. If you’re used to the overpowering hum of fake scents and added colors, you'll welcome the mild magic of real cedar.

Rich in white sage, the San Jacinto soap, named after a town in the shadow of a ragged desert mountain, is scented with spicy black pepper, brawny leather (think of a saddle drying under the hot sun), and grassy, fresh-cut jojoba leaves.

Steep Ravine uses the California bay laurel — native to the state's coastal canyons — to great effect. It's then scented with oak moss and those towering icons of Northern California, the redwood, for a feeling of a hike along a coastal forest on a foggy day. The soap comes into its own when wet, releasing a lather that feels and smells like ocean foam.

The Siskiyou Cedar packs a gingery punch thanks to its chief ingredient, Port Orford cedar, which grows in the rugged Klamath National Forest straddling the border of Oregon and California.

Use & Care

Each of these 3.5-ounce bars should last about a month. The natural infusion means the bars don't have the same water defences as regular, chemical soap, which are crammed with stabilizers. Avoid keeping it in a water logged soap dish. To make it last longer, wrap in a small, dry facecloth and keep outside the shower or bath.


Production & Design

All of the soaps are wildcrafted from the mountains and deserts of the West. With sustainability the number one watchword, Juniper Ridge only harvests "common species in the heart of their range." Plants are never killed, and only mature trees and shrubs are picked from. Species are picked based on how well they respond to pruning in terms of next-year growth. The harvesters return each year to trim the same trees in order to monitor growth. Aside from the wild plant trimmings, the only other ingredients used are natural vegetable oils such as olive, coconut, palm and shea butter. Ten percent of profits are donated to defending Western wilderness. 

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3.5 ounces each 

Sierra Summer Pine
San Jacinto
Steep Ravine
Siskiyou Cedar

Made in
Berkeley, California
  • USA
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