Morris Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup

Add a sweet, and slightly savory zing to drinks, glazes, and baked goods with this preserved lemon syrup. Blended with salt, cardamom, and pink peppercorns in Brooklyn, New York. (more info)

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Morris Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup - Kaufmann Mercantile

In time for long, hot summer days (and nights) is this Preserved Lemon Syrup from the Morris Kitchen wunderkinder, Kari and Tyler Morris. Made from lemons preserved for six months with a proprietary blend of salt, cardamom, and pink peppercorns, this syrup will add a sweet, and slightly savory zing to drinks, glazes, baked goods, and even an oven-roasted chicken.

Morris Kitchen have been crafting artisanal syrups going on three years now, and at this point, it doesn't take a big transubstantive leap to equate delicious, hand-made gastronomy with fine art. Morris Kitchen impresario Kari Morris proves the point. She graduated with a fine arts degree (in painting and drawing) from California College of the Arts, moved to New York, and quickly started working with city organizations devoted to spreading the gospel of good food and healthy eating habits.The other half of the Morris Kitchen family is Tyler Morris, a chap who has spent the last thirteen years of his life in some of the best restaurant kitchens across the country. He brings oodles of technical skills and sourcing prowess to the bro-sis business.

Use & Care

The syrup is shelf stable, so after opening, the bottle can sit in the fridge for twelve months. It can be whipped out for drinks, glazes, and baking, adding tart sweetness to culinary goodies of your choosing. But because of the added salt, cardamom, and pink peppercorns, it has a bit of a savory note, Kari Morris tells us. Use it to make a roasted chicken, and brush the top for a nice glaze.

Over here at KM, we always love a cool summer cocktail. Pour a couple ounces of gin (or, oh why not, tequila) over rocks, add a tablespoon of lemon syrup, and top with seltzer. Cheers. (For the teetotalers out there, just nix the booze, and enjoy!)

Production & Design

Kari Morris explains: Basically, we take old-fashioned lemons, not a Meyer or anything too fancy, and we wash, cut, and stuff them with kosher sea salt. We then add a mix of pink peppercorns and cardamom seeds, which are toasted to bring out some more flavor. The lemons get packed into a five-gallon bucket and labeled for use in six weeks. After that, we puree and strain them, then add organic cane sugar and fresh lemon juice, along with another dose of spices ground fine.

Each bottle comes with a letter-press label and is hand-stamped with the date of production.


8 ounces (237 ml)

Cocktails, tea, spritzers, baked goods, glazes

preserved lemon juice, organic cane sugar, organic lemons, salt, filtered water, cardamom, pink peppercorns

Made in
Brooklyn, New York
  • USA
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