Leather Tool Belt Pouch

8-pocket tool pouch that attaches to your belt. Two hammer loops. Organizes tools, nails, screws. Made in California of thick Mexican moccasin leather. Reinforced with steel rivets. (more info)

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Leather Tool Belt Pouch - Kaufmann Mercantile

This belt attachment is a wearable extension of your toolbox. Made from thick cut, Mexican leather that’s reinforced with extra rivets and held together with durable nylon thread, it has enough room to hold your best, most frequently used tools, from screws and screwdrivers to hammers and hand saws.  

The pouch has 8 pockets: a large flared main pocket, 1 small nail pocket, and 6 small tool pockets — made to fit screwdrivers, chisels, pens. It also has 2 leather hammer loops that hang off the bottom so your hammer handles won’t get in the way or tumble out. 

Designed to hold what you need for a variety of worksite or household jobs, the 8-pocket leather tool pouch is compact, but big enough to accommodate some bulk without weighing you down. Built strong with starred and rolled rivets and nylon thread, it will sit comfortably on your belt whether you’re climbing a ladder to work on roofing or simply tinkering with a picture frame you need to take apart or rehang in the living room.


A tool belt often distinguishes professionals from amateurs, but it doesn't have to be so. Really, they're what distinguishes the organized and quick from those who are busy checking stuffed pockets for nails and balancing screwdrivers on flimsy ladder stands. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll learn what you like to put in each pocket, and how instinctively your hand will reach for what you need when it’s there.

Because it holds what you need where you need it, you will likely reach for this moccasin leather pouch whenever you need a tool, before you even think of getting out that clunky old toolbox.

Use & Care

Because of its size, you'll find it's easy to determine what to put in it, from your favorite screwdrivers to your best pliers and hammer to a pocket size leveler and roll of measuring tape, along with a few screws and nails that will come in handy and save you from time wasted digging around.

Unlike industrial-grade tool belts which are helpful when repairing train tracks or demolishing houses, the compactness of this leather pouch means it will be chock full of only the necessary items and comfortable to carry. For bigger jobs, attach it to a full tool belt for a higher level of organization.

Don't forget about safety. Due to it's size, you will easily be able to position this pouch where it is most comfortable, convenient and safe. The wide, tunnel belt loop design makes it easy to slide on your belt, which comes in handy on treacherous ladders, when one of your hands is already preoccupied with holding you there.

It can be worn with normal belts and work belts alike. This is leather deemed for worksites, garages and other tool-brandishing zones, so little maintenance is required.  Occasionally apply leather conditioner to the treated parts to keep them soft.

Production & Design

Founded in 2000 with decades of leather crafting experience and old fashioned work values by Jose Munoz and Gustavo Gonzalez, all of the materials are inspected by hand when they arrive and after they're assembled, ensuring the quality of each tool belt before it's shipped off.


–Thick Mexican moccasin leather
–Starred steel rivets

–1 large flared pocket
–1 pocket for nail and screws
–6 small sheath pockets (for pens, screwdrivers, chisels)
–2 leather hammer loops

–Tunnel belt loop
–Rivet-reinforced corners

1 pound

Made in
California, United States 
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