Water Resistant Canvas Bike Saddle Bag

Durable waxed canvas pack that attaches under your bike seat. Straps on with a pair of brass buckles. Plenty of bulging space and loops for lashing. Made in Duluth, Minnesota. Ships free. (more info)

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Water Resistant Canvas Bike Saddle Bag - Kaufmann Mercantile

This bike pack is designed not just to hold up over time, but to get better as it goes on. Waxed cotton canvas (nicknamed “tin cloth” for its strength), high quality leather, and solid brass combine for a pack that will attach and carry with equal ease, whether holding your map, your lunch, your tools, or all of these. It’s been designed to be left there through all the rain and mud puddles and the rigors of riding, and can be taken off your bike whenever you need it by a simple un-buckling of straps.

Water will bead off the surface of the bike pack because each cotton fiber of the canvas has been impregnated with wax which not only keeps everything inside dry, but makes it pleasing to the touch while adding remarkable strength and durability. The wax doesn’t feel oily and won’t wick onto the items around (or inside) the pack.

The high quality parts make this pack not just durable, but more handsome. The waxed canvas will age beautifully as its color warms, the brass buckles and rivets will shine with the patina of use, and the leather will gain character throughout its life.

The waxed canvas saddle bag complements both vehicle and rider, whether on a cruise through the neighborhood or on an a bike trip through the deep and wonderful wilds. After a few years the bag will tell the silent story of where you’ve been, one that only you can read, but that everyone can appreciate with a glance.

Use & Care

There's a sleeve pocket inside that can hold a map or a compact tool.

Inside flaps give the pack a bit of bulging room when you need to stuff it for a long trek on your bike. A strong strip of bridle leather across the top of the pack is held down with four brass rivets. Loop some cord through it and you'll be able to tie a jacket or a hefty Sunday paper to the outside.

It attaches to the bike with two leather buckle straps, one that slips beneath the seat hardware, the other holding it to the seat pole. The bike pack is reinforced with tanned American leather on the bottom and back. It will fit all seat types.

If necessary, clean with soap and water. Apply leather conditioner to the pack's straps every so often to help them stay supple and strong. Every bike pack is guaranteed for life.  

Production & Design

The Echo Trail that inspired this bike pack runs through the rugged, glacier-sculpted border region between Northern Minnesota and Ontario known as the Boundary Waters. It's a land of pristine bodies of water, boreal forests and bedrock, and the shadows are as deep as the summer days are long. People have been camping, canoeing and exploring the area from the time when quality standards for things like bags and packs were paramount and equated with strong ethics and survival.   

Walking into the Frost River shop in Duluth you might notice the reverberation of the day's industrious activity as the sewing machines drum away upstairs and the rivets are inserted to the tune of ker-chunk, ker-chunk. The patterns are traced and the canvas is cut by hand with a saw, the leather with a blade; all to the audible bustle of craftsmen and their tools taking pride in what they do.


- Height: 8.5 inches
- Top width: 10.5 inches
- Bottom width: 3.5 inches

- Waxed canvas
- American tanned leather
- Brass buckles and rivets

- Water resistant
- Bridle leather strap for lashing larger objects on the outside of the pack
- 2 leather and brass buckle straps (secure and easy to remove from bike)
- Inside pocket
- Inside flaps with grommets
- Adjustable closure

Handmade in
Duluth, Minnesota
  • USA
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